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What's Helium 5G

Helium Cloud Ecosystem

The market value of Helium officially exceeded 5 billion. We objectively and conservatively estimate that the future growth space is promising, because Helium is in a huge market of trillion dollars.
At present, the scale of the global Internet of Things industry has reached 2.2 trillion US dollars, and there are about 28.4 billion Internet of Things devices for people to use. Based on such a space-time background, we gathered the elites of Asia Pacific consensus, connected Helium equipment manufacturers and HCE cloud ecosystem, and accelerated the global construction of Helium 5G hotspot base stations.



LoRaWAN is a data link layer specification protocol based on LoRa. Helium blockchain uses a new consensus calculus mechanism called "Proof of Coverage" to provide equivalent HNT rewards. In other words, PoC attempts to continuously verify whether hotspots honestly represent their location and the wireless network coverage range they create from that location.

Helium uses the mainstream LoRaWAN low-power long-distance wireless technology, which can transmit for a long distance up to 20 miles, and can penetrate walls, concrete and even underground. The matching sensors have low power consumption, low cost, many compatible devices, and a wide audience. Helium's landing ecological applications are gradually being implemented.




In the future, more and more participants will join the Helium cloud ecosystem and deploy new hotspot devices, mainly in the United States, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Southeast Asia is growing rapidly. Proceeding from the correct values, HCE has gathered wireless device manufacturers from all over the world, joined hands with the elites of consensus in the Asia Pacific region, created a vision of building 100000 to 300000 hot devices in 2024 by virtue of the new cloud based ecological sharing economy, and completed the pre operation of the capital market, as well as the preparation for the issuance of biosystem warrants, so as to consolidate the future development path. Therefore, in order to realize a global and distributed open network, HCE cloud ecosystem will share value with the core of embracing all rivers, and start the revolutionary future of human network.